Home Care Fees & Costs Explained

A government funded package covers your costs for your basic daily care to the level of funding you are eligible for. The fees you pay depend on your individual circumstances. In most cases you will be asked to contribute a basic care fee for any home care services. This fee depends on the level of care you are eligible for, how much funding assistance you receive and whether you are required to pay an Income Tested Fee. Funding help is based on the assessment team’s assessment of your individual needs. This amount is capped at 17.5% of the basic single pension.

As well as subsidised Home Care Services, with Regis Home Care you can top up your government funded package with additional services and support. This could be as little as an hour of support a week right up to constant care, 24 hours a day. For more information visit  My Aged Care – Help at Home Costs Explained.

The Funding Assessment

The ACAT team will assess you based on your care needs and your income. The assessment is strictly confidential and the information is only shared with ACAT, your health care professional and the Home Care provider you choose. This assessment lets you know which level of home care you can receive funding for. Once you know what level of funding support you are eligible for, you then choose which home care provider you want to use.

The Funding Covers your Basic Costs

If you are eligible for government funded, the package will cover the costs of your basic daily care to the level of funding you are eligible for. It cannot cost more than 17.5% of the basic single pension.

You may need to pay an Income Tested Fee

In addition to the basic care fee, you may also need to pay an Income Tested Fee. The level of this Fee is determined by the Government based on your deemed income. In order to determine the Income Tested Fee applicable, you need to submit a Centrelink Income Tested Assessment. All fees will be made clear at the time of assessment by our service. Forms are available from Centrelink view here.

If you need immediate support from Regis, but have not completed the relevant Centrelink Income Tested Assessment, we can help. However, we may charge an interim Income Tested Fee while we wait for the outcome of your assessment.

Additional Services are available

You can top up your home care with any number of additional services, ranging from as little as one hour support a week, up to constant care, 24 hours a day. These are available at either a set hourly cost or through an Additional Services package from Regis Home Care.

Book a Free Consultation

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