Our Home Care Services

Regis Home Care offers a number of in home care services to help you simultaneously enjoy the best possible quality of life in the comfort of your own home. Currently servicing four locations across Australia – Cairns, Eastern Metro Melbourne, Mildura, and Darwin – we are passionate about aligning the services we offer to the varying needs of our valued clients.

In home care services available to you

The packages and individual services that Regis Home Care provides can be tailored to the specific kind of help you require. Some of the home care services we offer include:

  • 24 hour in-home care: Sometimes around the clock care is necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of an individual. Our 24 hour in-home care services provide continual support for those who need it.
  • In-home dementia care: Dementia can become quite debilitating, which is where professional assistance becomes so beneficial. We provide needed support to help those suffering from dementia continue living in their home in a safe way.
  • In-home disabled care: Maintaining a level of independence for anyone is incredibly important, including disabled persons. Through our disabled care, we can assist with transportation, meal preparation, household maintenance, personal care and more, all within you or your loved one’s own home.
  • In-home palliative care: Serious health concerns do not necessarily mean you need to move to a hospice, but it’s still important to surround yourself with the appropriate medical support. Regis Home Care’s palliative care ensures you get the proper professional medical assistance you need with minimal interruption to your lifestyle.
  • In-home respite care: Your loved one’s quality of life is important, and so is yours as a carer. Our respite care is a fantastic mode of support and way in which you can take whatever time you need to rest and recharge, with the comforting knowledge that your loved one is in good hands.
  • Companionship service: Regis understands the importance of social support and friendship. Our Home Support Workers are passionate about providing companion services based on clients interests whether this is accompanying clients on an outing or reminiscing on an enjoyable past time.
  • Complete home care packages: Regis Home Care’s comprehensive home care packages are designed for those who require a combination of services, or a more hands-on level of support.
  • Veteran Home Care: available in Darwin and Mildura VHC services include domestic assistance, personal care, safety-related home and garden maintenance and respite care.
  • Additional services

Finding the right home nursing or community care services for you

For a comprehensive understanding of the way our services work, or to get a better view on how we can assist you according to your specific situation, it’s best to get in contact with us. Our friendly team will be able to walk you step by step through the process and get you connected with the service that will make the most positive impact on your quality of life.

You may also be eligible for government assistance when paying for your in home care services. Our home care fees page provides more information about this, as well as general information on our overall costs.

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