Why Regis Home Care

We’re here to provide you with the support you need to stay at home, living life on your terms.

When you want to stay in your own home, but you need a little extra support – Regis Home Care is here to help.

Our Home Care experts assist you stay in your home for as long as possible. We know how important it is for you to feel confident, in control and supported. We support you staying in touch with friends and family, your community and to continue doing the things you like doing.

Regis Home Care offers complete home support

We offer a full range of Home Care services.

  1. Government-funded packages.
  2. Privately-funded packages.
  3. A large range of additional services.

These services give you the added, personal attention from a Client Services Manager, the support of a Registered Nurse and access to a wide range of health professionals.

Stay independent

We pride ourselves on the high level of service you’ll receive.

Our people are carefully selected and trained to ensure they are able to provide the best care possible. And be able to deliver on the little things that mean so much. Like punctuality, reliability and a genuine care for the people they serve.

Regis has a rich heritage in aged care. We use this expertise and experience to ensure you feel you have the support you need to stay at home. To feel confident and able to live as independently as possible.


Live life on your terms

Regis gives people like you the support they need to live life on their terms.

With Regis Home Care, we are committed to ensuring staying at home is easier than you might have ever thought.

  • Home Care Client Service Manager

    When you choose Regis Home Care, you’ll be introduced to your Home Care Client Services Manager. Think of them as your personal Home Care Concierge. They can arrange it all for you – leaving you free to enjoy the freedom and comfort of your home. They will help you and your family decide what services you need and when you need them. Our Client Services Manager becomes your single point of contact for all your care needs. They’ll coordinate a team of specialist Support Workers for you, to make sure you get the support you need, when you need it.

    Your personal Home Care Client Services Manager will:

    • Organise regular meetings to ensure your personal support needs are met
    • Advise you about the ongoing management of your Home Care Package, including how the review process will occur to ensure your services change as your care needs change
    • Provide motivation and support to identify and work towards personal goals
    • Facilitate and arrange all support activities

    Discuss your budget including its possibilities and limitations with family and your health care professionals to make sure the package you get continues to suit your individual needs.

  • Regis Home Care Registered Nurse

    Our Silver, Gold and Platinum Additional Services packages give you the extra confidence of knowing our service is reviewed and assessed by a Registered Nurse. We have a team of highly skilled and competent Registered Nurses who are available to help you with specialised nursing support depending on your needs. This includes help with medication, personal nursing needs and even 24 hour care. This Regis Nurse is available 24 hours a day, so you get extra peace of mind and the confidence your care is in very good hands.
  • Allied Health Specialists

    Regis Home Care also gives you access to a range of highly qualified health specialists. These include physiotherapists, podiatrists, massage therapists and access to dieticians, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists. All our Support Workers are trained to ensure you feel safe and supported at all times. They all take part in regular education and training programs to maintain an appropriate level of skill, to make sure the care and support you get is the best possible care and support available.
Book a Free Consultation

Free, no obligation in Home Care consultation. A Consultant will visit you at home to discuss your needs and tailor a solution for you and your family.